If you ended up here, chances are that your item is running an old collar version that is now no longer supported, and you are being redirected to this website wherever you click.

Thankfully there are good options available if you choose to update, but before we get into that, there are a few things that you should be aware of. Please click the arrow to scroll.

As of December 2021 Peanut Collar is its own brand

The original developers of Peanut Collar, assisted us in the creation of a new and final Peanut Collar version, P-2000, and helped us to facilitate the delivery of a new collar creator kit to over 2,620 licensed creators on Second Life®.

To ensure that everyone received their new creator kit, the delivery was made two times, first at the end of 2021 and then again in early 2022, with the automatic redelivery method on Second Life® Marketplace, along with two Email notifications and several announcements to the community.

We did everything we could to get the new kit to creators free of charge, so everyone could update their stock, and customers wouldn't end up being redirected to this website.

That being said, let's take a look at your update options. 🥰

Update Option I:

Get it from the store where you bought the collar!

The easiest way to get your update is to pick up a redelivery from where you originally purchased your collar.

If the redelivery is still the old version, you can try to send a message to the shop owner, and let them know that you want the recent version. If they are a licensed creator they received new creator kits in December 2021 and early 2022.

The new creator kit was sent to 2,620 creators free of charge. If a creator missed it, you can let them know that they should find the new kit it in their Received Items folder.

If you couldn't get your update redelivered this way, don't worry, there are two more options described further down.

Update Option II:

Buy the official Peanut Collar & Updater package!

The Peanut Collar & Updater package, is available on Second Life® Marketplace for L$500. It's unusual to pay for an update, but you should be aware that every time you purchase a collar at an event or from some shop, the maintainers of the collar scripts usually don't get paid at all.

Buying this package is a way to give the maintainers of the scripts a small and well deserved reward for their efforts.

The package includes all of the classic RLV collar features, a ton of bonus features, a nice gender neutral collar to wear around, and an updater that can be used unlimited times.

Reasons to consider the Peanut Collar & Updater:

Comes with cool collar design with LOD resistant label.Classic couples animations and classic leash features.Access to older features that are still fun and work well.Updater for your compatible collars from other brands.Many bonus features installed in the collar's Apps menu.Included manual that's not dependent on any website.No more annoying updates: Peanut Collar is what it is!

Update Option III:

Upgrade to N° 9 Series 500 or 600!

If you are ready for something new, we can wholeheartedly recommend Wendy Starfall's N° 9 collar series 500 and 600.

Despite their limited availability many people consider the N° 9 series to be the best RLV collar scripts for good reason.

Next generation N° 9 collars have unmatched ease of use and stability. They include many unique extras, and the premium version even comes with a script and installer that can turn any modifiable mesh into a collar for personal use.

With N° 9 you aren't limited to premade collars. You can turn virtually any piece of jewelry into your unique forever-collar.

We hope all of this information was useful!

Ideally you will be able to get your update free of charge by redelivery, but if not then either option you choose should give all of your compatible collars a well deserved upgrade.

Peanut Collar is only available on Second Life® Marketplace, and N° 9 Series 500 can be bought at Temple of the Collar.

Click the logos or the hyperlinked text to get there! 🌈🥰

Visit the Second Life® Marketplace for Peanut CollarVisit the Temple of the Collar for N° 9 Series 500

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